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damaged chimney

Chimney Repair

Chimneys showing this kind of damage are subject to literally falling apart or collapsing onto the roof. With each brick weighing an average of two pounds the smallest of chimneys will weigh in at over 400 pounds and can go over a ton in weight! This would seriously injure or maim anyone below. Leaving the liability to the homeowner!



Fixing your foundation wall properly will improve the aesthetics of your home and work to prevent further water damage and insect infestation. Proper care of this section of your home is critical and parging must be done correctly or it won’t hold up for long. Our work is fully insured and we make sure you are satisfied with the final result.


Water Issues, Foundation Types, and Block Repair

Over time concrete can begin to breakdown allowing the elements into your home.

Getting this repaired before the winter sets can save you substantially on your heating bills, not to mention unwanted critters. Proper removal of loose rocks and degrading cement ensures a solid repair. 


Chimney’s like this one are a hazard to the home, it’s occupants and even to pedestrians walking by the house. Chimneys in this condition can fall onto a person below with serious consequences and even go through the roof! 


If your chimney collapses because it is in disrepair your home insurance may not cover it. This is because it is the homeowners responsibility to make sure the chimney is in good condition.


If this chimney would have collapsed going through the roof injuring those inside, the insurance company may not cover you as they will see the property as being in neglect! 

chimney repairs

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